Sunday, May 31, 2015

fourteenth week

I'm feeling a little more alive, I have gotten enough sleep to get me going again.
the final year production is a wrap. *pun intended*

let's just say it wasn't conflict free, none that blew up in our faces though.
but it was really a success and I laughed so hard, although I have watched most of their practices.

gotta admit, the walkie talkie made me look really cool, and I like that. hahaha.

haven't been getting to see most of my classmates since the beginning of final year, or was it year 3? I don't remember. I'm not a socializing person, I don't know if I regret that. sometimes I feel like a failure because I have so many lukewarm friendships. but I quickly dismiss this thought when I think of the friends I managed to make. lol. the last two days did feel great though, having meals together, feeling cold together, dancing silly to songs together. I'll definitely miss a lot of these lovely people.

filters and makeup are magical, somehow I managed to look presentable! lol.
the final semester stress is ruining me and I think I look really hideous now.
it's okay. because this too shall pass.
very very very soon.

*back to my chapter 4*

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