Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mel in Butterworth again.

it's been another long hiatus, and I've been unpredictable.
my monthly getaway for May in a glance. oh wait, it's 2 glances lol.
maybe if I don't mind spamming the Instagram feed this is how my actual gallery will look like
same old, same old. but the sushi restaurant was a new try, cendol was new, loklok rojak was new. actually I should have said all above are new except for my Asian eggs benedict, McDonald's and the spaghetti. lol. I love french fries. and when your bf is into clean eating you get to try special food like less garlic more cheese steamed naan.
and if I don't mind uploading such close up photos of myself which I find really unflattering, this might be another part of my gallery.
got mad so many times in 5 days, I blame it on stress and expectations.
we finally talked it over last night, I have also made up my mind on certain things
but I'm not gonna tell you. too private. hahaha.

so many times I have told myself to care less about people
why do I have to be the one who is always there for them when:
- they need someone to talk to
- they need someone to eat dinner with
- they don't want to go out alone, they don't want to shop alone
- they need some medications because they fall sick
- they are bored and want to hang out
I am not self-promoting, maybe I really seem freer than the rest that's why people come to me
or maybe I should feel happy because people believe I can help
but that's the thing. I have become the friend only in need.
HA. so much negativity.
I always seem to do things at the wrong time.
I better stop here.

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