Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last presentation done.

Last presentation of my degree life, so I wore my favourite baju kurung. 
Every single presentation, I freak out 
I can feel my hands shake slightly 
I can hear my voice threatening to waver
But by time I finish each and every presentation, I know I end confidently 
It was tough, this course has been nothing but endless presentations, big ones, small ones, formal ones, spontaneous ones, individual or group ones
But now I can look back and say I did it, I've made it this far, I've grown, even though the progress was slow.

I know one day I'll also look back to today, and be amazed by myself, on how I managed to finish my thesis in less than a semester ( hahaha queen of procrastination )

How I wish today is already the said day. 

Remember what I said about the daily to-do lists? 

To-do today:
- exercise 
- complete the hardcopy for two factor theory
- complete chapter 2 

Signing off, gotta be productive. 😎😎

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