Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm happy.

9 more days and I'll be home. time does fly!
yes. the struggle is finally over!!!! actually not really, there are following up confusions on some document we are supposed to submit together. I despise our Faculty for not being clear with their instructions. and I thought I could proudly shout hands off. BUT STILL, I DID IT I DID IT WE ALL DID IT.

so it seems thesis can definitely be done in less than 14 weeks time. HAHAHA
no, don't ever follow that advice. side effects are stress which crashes down on you and all things that follow after hormonal imbalance caused by stress.

I am utterly grateful for everyone who supported me through this journey.
so many times I broke down, like really really hysterically shouting and crying
I don't know why, maybe I'm just not accustomed to experiencing stress
but it doesn't matter anymore. IT IS OVER!
and I promise this is the final time I'll talk about this black book which brought so much tears and suffering to me. The black book has given Melody a sock, Melody is now a free elf! *NOOOO WHY DID DOBBY HAVE TO DIE!!!*

when I get back home I'll borrow the whole series from my cousin and reread them! YAYYYY

ahem. and then I got so fed up with my grass hair once again. the amount of split ends was terrible.
there is this Watson x Number76 promotion where we get a RM30 discount on hair cut!
after the very great debate between the angel and demon in my head, I decided it was time I let it go.

so yes. HI to short hair again. I haven't been having such short hair for long! lol
I was pretty worried about all my curls being gone though luckily they were still there.
I'd say Number76 is so famous for a reason, the service was really good!
I left feeling happy and refreshed! and the hair wash was so so comfortable. haha

ahhh, I have so much to talk about
went to PD for a short getaway with my geniuses.
I actually tried to edit a pile of shit below Mr Nyak. hahaha.
you really don't need too many friends, a few good ones are more than enough to keep you going.
I'm so glad to have found them.

ending this post with an awesome portrayal of what we do the best - being awesome.

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