Sunday, June 7, 2015

Thoughts over icecream

One day I was at Inside Scoop with my cousin. We were scrolling our phones as usual, waiting for the order to come. Their durian and varlhona chocolate is seriously to die for ahhhhh. 
Then a group of four people came in, a younger couple with a mother and a grandma. The grandma instantly reminded me of Popo, and I couldn't help but keep looking at her. It has almost been two years, I know mummy still misses her a lot. 
Then I saw that the grandma was very quiet. There was not much conversation going on too, except for the granddaughter asking if they were okay with some icecream flavour. 
The grandma didn't seem to enjoy herself though, I tried to catch her eye, I just felt like smiling to her. I hope we didn't let popo feel this lonely when she was still around, but as sad as it is, I think we probably did. :(

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