Friday, November 6, 2015

Mel eats HCMC Part 1

Meow :3
How about some Vietnamese cuisine? Hehe

Hahaha, so yeah, we had at least one Banh Mi a day, it was merely a 5D4N stay, look at the banhmis we had! Lol. Also saw people sending empty banh mi around using a big basket tied to their motorbikes, and it was really cute to look at. 

The day starts and ends early, at 6am it is already bright, and hustle of the city has already started. It would be good if you bought a food once you see it and feel like trying, because you might not see it again after you go back. Except for maybe banh mi, hahaha it is always there, waiting loyally. 

For travellers who have no idea at all of the language, I'd say we're considered really adventurous, judging by all the food we ate.
Walked into a shop and used sign language to ask for the best food, this is what we got- a bowl of crab soup, and it was indeed good!

The one on the left tastes and feels very much like papaya salad, from then on we addressed it as somtam haha. And I guess I'm not a fan of their spring rolls. The one we tried had a very complicated taste and I didn't enjoy it at all lol.

Some beef noodles pho you? Hehehe.

This is from another stall, another day. And it was so good. My favourite Vietnamese food is officially Pho Bo Kho. Hahaha. Some people don't take beef, and it's a really sad thing in my opinion.

This post is gonna get so long, maybe I'll continue writing some time later. :)

Current update: still looking for a job. 

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