Friday, November 20, 2015

Mel eats HCMC Part 2

How could I have forgotten the brilliant creation we call collage. Makes things so much easier, could have avoided messy blog posts. but oh well.
1. Fried rice and maggi we had in the Mui Ne guesthouse before leaving
2. Us trying local food in the Ben Thanh Market: some pancake and something I have totally forgotten lol
3. Supper on our last night: rice with meat, some thin and long banh mi, and something else I really don't know what 

lol I have a feeling this is going nowhere, I don't know most of the things we ate! haha

4. it's like the combination of loh mee and hokkien mee, hokkien mee in loh mee style
5. something like ABC, except that it's being served in cup. 
6. sticky rice with chicken
7. taufu fa with ginger sauce and another sauce I couldn't identify, bought outside a school
8. coconut ice-cream at Kem Bach Dang. it has pineapple jam on top!
9. super expensive and small black forest cake at the airport, just to satisfy my craving for cakes, heee (and since there was money left)
  1. beer during our walk at the Fairy Stream
  2. tourist scammer outside the Saigon post office. T.T. he offered to let us take photos, then sold us two small donuts at RM10, with one small cream puff for free. I was startled and still processing, luckily Mr Teoh told him we'd just get one. it was then that we started becoming wary of Vietnamese *faith in Vietnamese lost lol*
  3. We noticed that outside schools you'll always find special things, such as ice-cream in white cone and shaved ice with syrup.
  4. on our last day, we planned to go cafe hopping. We had wanted to go to the Trung Nguyen Coffee which is like the local cafe franchise but just when you're looking for something, you always never find it right? It was only before the flight back home that we found it in the airport, but the coffee was nothing special, and it was pricey!!! best coffee of the trip goes to the one we had in Ben Thanh Market, which looks like kopi o but has a milky taste I wonder why.

ahem, and what a moment of pride for me. haha

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