Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The It's 1.15am in the morning I should be sleeping, but I had just finished two episodes of The Vampire Diaries and am currently using the facial machine so might as well blog. Time shouldn't be wasted right hahaha.

By chance I saw people going to the sand dunes of Mui Ne, and of course I started researching.

There are two ways (that I know of) to go to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh city, by train or by bus. We took the latter because it's a lot cheaper, the hotel we stayed in HCMC helped book the bus ticket at roughly 9USD which we later found out was again, a couple of dollars more expensive than if we bought it directly from the bus company. #noobtravellers

Good thing we took the bus though, look! It's a sleeper bus yo :D

You can choose to lay your seat flat or adjust to any inclination to your own comfort. Plus, there's complimentary water, wet tissue and WIFI!! (Which we didn't realize on the trip to Mui Ne, how stupid) hahaha why does this trip seem to be a self-discovery trip of how stupid we can be.

Okay ready to sleep, the ride was about 4 and a half hours, with a toilet stop in between, or was it two? I forgot. I actually slept quite well to make up for having to wake up early.

The bus stop is very near to our hotel, so off we went to check in before exploring the area. One bad thing is that not many Vietnamese speak English, so communication was a big problem. Fortunately, the son of the hotel owner speaks English, and he was really kind and helpful, AND all he wanted from us was to write him a good review on Booking.com where we booked the hotel! 

So, anyway, Tom (the son) helped us book our jeep tour to the white and red sand dunes, a fishing village and also the Fairy Stream. We were supposed to leave at 4.30am the next morning to be in time for sunrise at the white sand dunes, which means we were free to wander around after that. 

Got really mad at Mr Teoh for uploading an extremely unglam and ugly photo of mine onto Instagram. *roll eyes* sometimes you look back at a time you get angry over something, and find your anger back then pointless. But as I look back now, I still don't find it pointless hahaha. Tip: do not ever dare to upload an ugly photo of your girlfriend. WHAT IF PEOPLE WHO LIKES HIM SEE THAT I'M SO UGLY LA T.T I have my own image to keep t.t he's so talented in finding all my ugliest angles grrr. okay enough of lamenting.

Ready for some beautiful work of Nature?
Taken from my seat in the jeep on the way to catch sunrise.

But somehow, the clouds covered the sun, so it just appeared, no glorious moment of sun rising lol.

Ran alot at the white sand dunes because rental of the ATV would cost around RM80 for half an hour, and we weren't ready to pay so much. 
We almost lost our way back to the jeep. 

Left for the red sand dunes short after.

Best banh mi we had throughout the trip. Quote Mr Teoh, this is very nomnomnom. Hahaha cute.

My mandatory jumping pose.
And our pose :)

There were people selling sheets for sand surfing, was a little tempted to try but no one else was doing so, lol is this what you call peer pressure.

And then it was the fishing village. The view was amazing, but that's all. Handsome angmo spotted. But he walked away after realizing we were taking photos, I don't think he knew I deliberately took him into my photo haha.

See, banh mi again hahahah. It's addictive.

Last stop was the fairy stream. Where you walk and walk, walk and walk. The water was cooling for such a hot morning. 

Still thinking whether this is connected to the red sand dunes.

Then we sat down at the stream for drinks. Apparently there's a waterfall at the end of the stream, which we decided not to go, which was a brilliant decision because it was heard to be not worth the visit. Yay time saved disappointment saved lol.

And then we walked back to the hotel and, cleaned up and prepared to leave for HCMC again.

Mui Ne is beautiful, I am glad we made it there. :)

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