Monday, April 4, 2016

April already

I'm home again, can you believe it? 
No I'm not so manja that I have to go home every week, although it is another long weekend YAYY didn't I tell you I hate Mondays.

Here comes the story.
On one fine afternoon (last Thursday), the roommate and I were santai-ing in our bigass living room. Suddenly she got a text from her friend asking her to check her SPP status.

Like this.

Apparently they have been called for interview, which, upon succeeding and posting, would turn us into real teachers, as in guru tetap, with a higher pay and all the benefits that I should be enjoying right now.

And it seemed the entire batch of the roommate was called for interview. Nervous and half-trembling, I also went to check my status. But surprise, surprise! What I got was the above screenshot. I was in fact a little taken aback, but housemates thought they might be going by uni, and it did seem rather logical that UPSI graduates would be the priority. 

Then, in the evening, I suddenly heard from Aivee and MC that they had also received the message to go for interview, not only them, another coursemate too. That's when I got really worried, as I assumed the whole batch also got called, so why was I forgotten? And then I started getting so down, I felt like I was left hanging, I didn't know what to do.

Next morning after class I called SPP. I needed an answer. After numerous transfer of lines, I finally got an e-mail address. Lol. And still believing that I might be so unluckily left out, I started busying myself with my fellow housemates, getting lesson plans done, completing the file and et cetera. I was not in any mood to teach or talk. 

Then, I talked to mum. We both thought it was better if I went home because IF SPP realized their mistake (missing mu name) and decided to slot me in the Tuesday interview, at least I would already be in Kuching, less hassle. 

So that's how I finally hopped onto the bus back home, with the most modest set of baju kurung in my bag. 

At this point, I was still positive that I'd be going for the interview on Tuesday hahaha. But when I almost reached Kuching, another coursemate whatsapped me. Apparently she and a few more are also being left out. That was when I knew I'm going home for nothing. But it's home we're talking about! So not complaning hehehe.

Yea, so that's how I ended up being home. 

Fyi, still no reply from the guy. Heh.

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