Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Officially not fierce

The principal is working very hard to end the culture of sleeping in class, teachers are free to call the principal to come rotan the sleeping kids.

This morning, a boy, R, just refused to wake up. His friend, M said: Teacher, R said he likes you, but he is shy to tell you. If he doesn't see you he can't sleep. That's why now he's now sleeping.

Me: ... *holds laughter* *poker face* HAHAHAHAHA. That was smooth lol lol. 

During the same period, they were playing with sellotape, taping their friends. 
Me: I'm going to ask the principal to come! *takes out phone*
Students: whoooo Cikgu iPhone 6 ke 6s?

Me: ... ... *tahan* *sabar* *poker face* *fail* *sighs* iPhone 6

Of course the above dialogues are all in BM. I've grown so accustomed to speaking BM, until even the students say selamat pagi to me. Exam's coming soon I need a break ahhhahhhhhahhhh

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