Saturday, May 7, 2016

Warning: long post ahead

The past week felt too damn long 
And it started on a Tuesday 
Somehow the four-day week felt like a four-week month to me instead 

Kickstarted with a shuffle in the timetable
They say be careful with what you wish for, I said I wanted Form 4 classes, said I was sick of lower forms, so now happily I'm granted that wish. No longer teaching PSV and PJK, I'm going full English, with 3 Form 4 classes and a remaining Form 2 class, 23 periods one week. Not sure if I should feel happy or not. For 4D, I have to go bilingual, BM and Chinese. The Chinese students do not understand BM, gosh. While 4E is real good, they understand English, they are quiet, they do work HALLELUJAH!!! They're 4E just because principal decided the school should only have one science class, so from 4S2 they became 4E. I was very pleasantly shocked upon entering the class because all classes I had been given before this were like the worst classes in school. 

Somehow, I also got assigned as the teacher for the choral speaking competition. And somehow, we screwed up, got violently and brutally scolded yesterday. Not directed to me though, my partner couldn't stop crying. The PKKK called her lousy. Is that not degrading? Someone who is supposed to provide guidance gets mad because he wasn't informed of the competition, (which again was not totally our fault, the senior teachers dumped us the invitation letter and we were all on our own from then on) and storms away like a kid, or an angry girlfriend. Whatever, it is over, we pulled out. 

Also went to visit a student with heart problem, but we were too late, he was transferred to Kuching that morning. I wonder if he is okay.

Was forgotten by my partner. We came to the quarters together to get speakers, and when I got into the toilet she drove off, leaving me to walk back to school on my own. Of course it wasn't a too big deal since I just stay opposite, but at that moment it was pretty frustrating and ridiculous.

Every day I see/ hear drama. I also see people desperately trying to apple polish some others. And I see my stack of books to mark getting higher, my table getting messier and fuller. Oh what a long post this is. Are you already bored?

I am so so torn. I'm lazy. Please never ever say that a teacher's job is so easy. If only all we have to do is teach. So torn because I know I have to go the extra miles for these kids, but at the same time I feel the workload pressing hard on my back. I want a break. But I have only just started.

記得我說過希望成為學生會期待我進班的老師 對於一開始跟著我的班 我覺得我貌似做到了 現在我想讓他們想我進班是因為喜歡英文課 我好希望這次考試不再有白卷 不再有人少過十分 我說過的有被記得 一點點也好 

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