Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Hi! I'm back again.
A new principal is here, and all I can say about the current situation is: *huru-hara*

He was a Pengetua Cemerlang, he has big hopes for the school and the students. I can't agree more when he said that these kids need education. 

A retiring teacher told us he reminds her of the ex-principal in Kuching High. True that, I can foresee heavy workload and stress, but a part of me is ready for it. Maybe this way I'll feel less useless, I'll grab this chance to grow and mature.

_On classroom control_
I think *fingers crossed* that I have improved a little. I introduced games again, lower level ones though, focusing mainly on vocabulary. The kids seem to be enjoying these and are getting more involved. I no longer fake to be fierce or act too bitchy, cz they know it was just an act. Good for me too, if it continues, I'm afraid I'll have to check my blood pressure on a daily basis. Lol

Still no news yet. Just have to continue being positive.

Got very frustrated over the weekend. Don't you just hate viruses, like please don't ruin my life, I haven't been backing up my laptop since forever!

Hee, currently reading David Baldacci. Yet another unputdownable author, (stupid lesson planning being the exception)

Yay it's already midweek, I feel quite drained mentally. Gonna escape to the book for comfort. 


P.s: nearest McD is 45 minutes away ohmy 

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