Sunday, March 31, 2013

当一阵风吹来 风筝飞上天空

i should never ever stay in my room because i never got to study / do my assignment since this morning.
final day of March, another 5 days to home, waved byebye to activities and projects, now i have academic worries to tend to. thesis oh thesis, test oh test.

天上的风筝哪儿去了 一眨眼不见了
如果你想飞我明了 你自由也好
我不要 将你多绑住一秒
我也知道 天空多美妙

was raining on our way to the beach, oh we went to Sepang Gold Coast
hence i immediately drew a 晴天娃娃 and let it face the sky
and the rain stopped!! miracle or what haha

Huiwen's colourful kite which finally fell down and kenak mud.
i think the last time i flied a kite was when i was in primary school lol

and ahem, picnic materials XD
we ended up preparing too much food but it was really fun! =D
like how we used to write in Chinese essays
在一个风和日丽的下午 我们一行人浩浩荡荡 兴高采烈的到海边野餐

Koala Yih Hai.

Monkey Nyak Hong

being someone who supposedly stay on trees, i have never ever climbed a tree before. XD.


披着披风的不知所谓 XD

and when your boyfriend's face suddenly appears when you are trying to sleep on the mat

i don't actually know what's so good about taking legs hahaha
but these are the legs of some really nice people so appreciate this photo la okay XD

哎哟哥哥 我得了公主病 好不了的公主病!

吃大便的张启健 自以为修行了二十二年就可以对付我?看招!!


因为有你在总是很快乐 于是我就上瘾了


那天 我们跳成了一团 好自在 暂时把烦恼都丢到九霄云外 哈哈哈哈 我又来了


and just when we felt the most comfortable and happy, the day was going to end.


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