Monday, March 25, 2013

Pesta Ponggal 2013

time flies like i dunno, it just flies
a very eventful March i'll say
and it was, and still is a great challenge for me
i find myself having trouble juggling with activities, classes, emotions and sleeping hours
just so you know how pale and tired i looked before the choir competition

i have far more exciting things to share but i better do this in chronological order
in case i get confused, my brain isn't in its best condition lol. 
at the Pesta Ponggal last Thursday
AJKs get free henna =D
best thing about the project is: i didn't do anything except for paying RM20 (which i'll get back when they receive the peruntukan) and going to one meeting, oh and carrying some food from the kitchen ? =S
and since there was really nothing we could do, we joined the melukis Kolam competition
having second place in our mind we produced our very first kolam
and that's zhangqijian furiously explaining about the kolam

nah. you think very easy draw ah?
actually quite easy haha
but hard to get it nice.

and of course we ended up getting nothing lol but i think we did a great job hahaahha

i did not regret joining the competition, it was a nice experience
and nor did i regret choosing this teammate

i'm sorry for the shit i've put you through
sorry for not being myself
thank you for always being patient
thank you for always being there

thank you. =)

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