Saturday, March 9, 2013

vocal cord abuse. T.T

hi, it's been some time.
i'm trapped in a circle of anger and frustration T.T
i can't help but miss the person i was up there, super nice skin, i think i could pass for being radiant back then, and carefree, and happy.
now i look so tired, and my skin has lost its glow, every day, all i want to do is finish all practices and go sleep, i don't even bother with the toner and moisturizer. and what's worse, the lost of my voice.
at first it was a normal sore throat, then my throat was okay, my voice got lost, and then before my voice came back, sore throat came back to haunt me. i googled my symptoms and now i think i have this thing called laryngitis which totally explains everything i am going through, and it might take 1 to 3 weeks to recover, which means i actually have to let my voice rest, but how is that even possible with the choir competition coming up next Sunday, which is 8 days from now!!!
so i've been trying Fisherman's friend, Strepsils, Pipagao, and also honey. i am afraid i might get diabetes by time i get my voice back because my honey is finishing real fast. and so even though i can't help complaining about the crazy hours of choir practice, i want to sing when i am there!! so little time, so much to work on. ARGHHHHHH

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