Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAK 2013 - Oceanic Wonders

hello. I've been really lazy for long. but I just can't help it, I feel so drained that I don't even feel like turning on my laptop. but anyway here I am to blog about our college dinner, which was 11 days ago, 01.05.2013 (oops)
the theme was Oceanic Wonders hence the blue green white dress code.
didn't really want to wear white because it's too common but I found nothing better

unless, of course, if I was willing to pay RM200 for that Bershka dress T.T

found something similar at RM35. hahaha.
so this was upon reaching the hotel for phase one. =)

because ahem, someone was performing =D

too bad all taken =P

with my CC daughter and son in law lol.

Junhua =D

meili de Lily who won the best dressed award XD

and Mankit, best dressed male lehh XD

le coursemates, Qil and El =)

Sinlee =)

Weiqi xiaomeimei..

Ahem, Pengarah.

couldn't get enough of the stairs.

and finally, one of the five of us. =D

one of my favourite photos of that night XD

with my favourite humans in college, although Yihhai was photoshopped into it and although i had the weirdest expression ever ==

initially I thought it was Oinky who gave me this stalk of rose
yuanlai it was from heehee, Mr Teoh. =D

and the best boyfriend award of the night goes to..
zhangqijian!! =D
my legs hurt so much I should just chuck the heels and wear flats the next round
I'm tall enough anyway, *flips hair and walk away* haha

sad to say I didn't have any solo photo that night. haha
so here's one self shot before makeup.

and now I should go nap before starting my assignment haha

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