Monday, May 6, 2013

the darkest night ever

my head feels really heavy, I need sleep, but not before I finish this post.
I was never interested in politics, but this GE was really something. I hoped so much to see a change, and even wished that I actually registered as a voter. Dang, I must really vote in the next elections.
all those dirty tricks and the blind supporters made me so mad I think I might be able to boil and egg for breakfast. and sometimes, you really have no idea how ignorant some people can be.

I feel really sad. I know change isn't as easy and what we thought, but we couldn't help but hope. What is our future going to be like? Our education system? The lives of the people? Our next generation? There was never any democracy. And would another 5 years really change that fact?
there is still hope out there.
the awareness has been created.
somehow, somewhere, the people have won.
and congratulations to me, I finally unlocked the Black body colour for my Pou. =D

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