Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I finally tried IKEA MEATBALLS!

it cannot get any more obvious, about 2 months back, I finally tried IKEA meatballs.
oh wait, I can't believe it's been 2 months T.T
om nom nom nom nom
it was really yummeh, and I thought I would be disappointed for expecting too much, I was so wrong!

for chicken wings, I prefer Pizza Hut. hehe.

broccoli also so-so only but it still felt good to have veggies =D

cinnamon roll, should had tried the cakes, Yihhai said they were VERY NICE!

something salmon.

fish and chips

the winner of the day was MEATBALLS! obviously. haha.

we then rushed for the last Mayday Nowhere 3D movie

me: Oi, can you stand in front ar? I always look so big in pictures ==
zhangqijian: ok lo

and then I was gone. haha.

so that's my first ever Ikea meatball and first ever 3D experience.

where have I been recently?
well, if you could just look around more carefully, you would find me beneath a whole stack of assignments.
caution: might require some serious digging.

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