Thursday, December 5, 2013

unrelated post title, it's going to rain again.

what actually happened after the PTUM cultural night is that a whole row of spot light fell down to the audience seats because one side of the string snapped. the performers and most of the members of PTUM were outside having a wrap up session in another room. we suddenly heard a loud crash, and I did something which I wouldn't normally do. I rushed into the hall. it was chaotic and I couldn't get anything at first because I thought it was the props on the stage. then I saw a familiar shirt, Yihhai was standing near to where the spot light crashed. I walked nearer and saw Chyemei and Nyak Hong, both not moving. Huiwen said she heard Nyak shouting very loudly but I guess I was too shocked to hear anything. before I could react, we were chased out and soon they were rushed to the hospital. when I finally registered the fact that my friends who were waiting for us just to take photos on the stage with the props, were hurt, I couldn't stop crying and I couldn't shake off the image of them on the seats. it was only until later on when we were more calmed down that we got to go to the hospital, Nyak was being treated, Yihhai was still recovering from the shock. but I really thank God because all 8 of the casualties are now discharged, and thank God it didn't fall directly on their heads.
it is always during the rough times that we learn to appreciate the things that we so easily take for granted.
these are the very best things I have in college and they are the very best friends anyone can wish to have

and of course, I called back home the next morning because I have been far away especially since I started getting busy with final practices, so busy that I forgot to reply their good luck messages before the performance.

life is so unpredictable, and I really have to keep reminding myself to cherish everything I have.

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