Saturday, December 28, 2013


I mentioned about the fashion showcase way back, RIGHT??
so in case you didn't know, I picked Costume Design, a subject from the Cultural Faculty as my elective.
Firstly, because it has no exam and fits perfectly into my timetable (NO LATE CLASSES!)
Second, I have always loved making things, and we all know that. (maybe only me haha)

I sort of regretted halfway because it didn't seem as enjoyable as I thought it would be, but had to stick up to my own choice, because add and drop week was over hahaha. and also because only losers quit. #badass

it was a solely assessment based subject, and our final and also biggest marks contributor is to design a costume for a fantasy character, to be worn on the showcase. I thought I was going solo until Misaki saved my life and asked me to join her XD, but up until today I still have a lot of imagination for the Bella's wedding dress that I initially planned to do.

too much ranting, I'm sorry, took me long enough to come back blogging again so I guess my ideas and words accumulated and are threatening to burst out now, lol.
this, is the development of sketches. oh, if the title hasn't made it obvious enough, we were doing Pease-blossom, one of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream.

we had a lot of prettier ideas but all easier drawn than done. so here's the final sketch!

Our model Huiwen on stage!!
she really looked like a doll and it seemed like the character was tailored for her =D

tadaa! close up of her makeup, done by Misaki and her course mate who came to help


Fishtailed her hair and blue spray!
we wished to find Tiffany blue hair spray but once again were defeated by the world. haha.
we can finally have the hairstyles only seen on tumblr and Instagram!
I was super excited. lol

with my partner and our model. both so beautiful, which explains my sad face. haha.

and the lovely friends who came to support =D

the costume which we made out of scratch.

not really scratch, but all we had was the black corset!
still a great achievement right? yay!! thank you!

a last photo before ending the night, isn't the flower crown lovely?

someone approached us and asked to borrow our costume for Pharm night next March

thanks a lot to my partner who helped a lot in things I totally cannot do, and also the model who sacrificed a lot of time which should be used to study/ complete assignment T.T.


tien mie said...

wow your self-made dress is really pretty! like a fairy or forest pixie dress. haha ;) good job!

mOmO said...

thankiuu! =D was indeed a fairy! haha