Saturday, February 14, 2015


our fourth Valentines' day since we have been together
the third one not spent together though. lol
looked back at old photos
before Mr. Teoh even brought his car, this was taken on our second date
how young we looked!
and now he is unofficially graduated
it's not like I depend a lot on him, but uni life will definitely be less colourful without him
and guess what, someone's leaving to the States for work and travel
as much as I will miss him, I am even more ENVIOUS, lol
note to students with 4 years course: do not be friends or be in love with 7-semester-students
they leave, leaving a gaping hole in you

haha, yea I just wanted to be more dramatic. I'm okay.

1140 days, and counting
thank you for everything
I'm excited for adventures to come
I'm determined to make this work (let's hope I don't forget this whenever you piss me off)
hahaha I am aware that I am a little mushy recently.

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