Monday, February 9, 2015

Bangkok 2015 Part 4 (Mr. Jones Orphanage)

have been busy recently and will continue to be busy for the four to five days to come
here's probably the second last post for my Bankok trip this year
I have always wanted to go to Mr. Jones Orphanage
it isn't really an orphanage but a dessert shop with lots and lots of bears! =D
we walked all the way from Central World to Siam Center
and later found out there is actually a branch in Central World as well
I got a little pissed off because, well, never mind it doesn't matter anymore haha
are you excited? I was!

just look at the cakes!!!!!


heeee like seriously, they are like a dessert lover's dream come true!

I had actually wanted to get the Kit-Kat monster but when you travel in a group you gotta compromise
T.T, plus, we were actually quite full and money was running low hahaha

it's okay, at least the waffle we got was photogenic and also very nice! =D

didn't get to try After You's Shibuya Honey Toast this round although it was just some few steps away
but I'm sure there is always a next time so I'm not that sad anymore haha

here are some other food we ate that day
Pork Leg Rice at the pier we took a boat, we seemed to be the only tourists there

Authentic Thai food at I-forgot-the-shop's-name just opposite Siam Square One
we went in Som Tam Nua, but left again because it was too expensive
and as I mentioned earlier, we were on a VERY tight budget haha
at least the food was kinda good here, and I like the papaya salad

we saw people making a beeline just behind Square One so Mr Teoh went and queued up for this
which we then learned is called Croissant Taiyaki
ohmy, it was filled with custard and was SO NICE
65 baht for one was a bit expensive though

after Mr. Jones, we left for Asiatique

taken while waiting for Mr Teoh to get the croissant taiyaki =D

and then Asiatique.
we were all too poor to afford anything anymore
so after window shopping and looking around, we left
but of course, we had enough money in our wallets to go for another foot massage and supper from 7-eleven

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