Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bangkok 2015 Part 5

okayyy yayyy, I've been missing again. but it's CNY lehhh! anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!
I'm finally concluding my Bangkok trip 2015.
this would be the must do things in Thailand.
MASSAGE of course! this round we went for foot massage twice, and the price range is normally about 200-250 baht for an hour. trust me, it makes you feel rejuvenated after a long day of walking.
on our previous trip, we even got to try the full body massage, damn, it was even more satisfying loll, but the 'krak krak' sound your bones make might be kinda creepy for some hahaha

tuk tuk ride! not a must, but it is definitely a good experience, this was on a windy night with not many cars on the road and it was kinda fun. also took one from Big C back to our hotel because we were too lazy to walk with all the things we bought. fyi, Big C is the supermarket where you get all the big boxes of instant noodles, pocky and what not!

and of course, tadaaaaa, SHOPPING!
what's a Bangkok trip without shopping right!!
this was my haul during the previous trip
these were accumulated over a period of 2 weeks and from Bangkok to Chiangrai to Chiangmai

and this round. (broke plus not enough of time)
but I think my shoes are really a steal! the stripes pair, bought from Pratunam night market only costs 100 baht, and the polka dot from Platinum mall is 150 baht! cheap or what? =D
the rest range from 100 baht to 300 baht the most I think.
but as we were walking back to the hotel, we stumbled upon the Baiyoke fashion gallery where we could have gotten whatever we got at a MUCH cheaper price. guess I know where to go to the next round.
on a side note, now that I'm gonna be back to Kuching for good real soon, I kinda worry about my CNY clothes for the years to come. Kuching isn't exactly the best place for shopping T.T

and  it is official, I am getting a new phone, hopefully real soon (NO STOCK CAN YOU BELIEVE)
the current one has been giving me problems and I desperately need a better camera HEEE.
phone cases 100 baht each. and I find myself surfing taobao for phone cases already. lol.

and that kinda marks the end of our short trip to Bangkok.
I'll definitely be back.
hi love I miss you.

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