Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bangkok 2015 Part 3

calling off the one day one post February challenge, hee.
breakfast at the stall outside our hotel
ordered something very very plain and healthy after the lesson learnt on the previous day lol
I did not even add any chili.

by the way I went to a doctor recently and he said I should totally stop eating chili
bad news. very very bad.

after breakfast, off we went!
took the airport railway link to Phaya Thai then changed to BTS
hahaha, I cannot believe one trip was enough to make me remember the way to go places

tadadada! separated ways with TCC once we reached so he didn't get to eat this lol
after the coconut ice-cream it was shopping time.
we were well prepared, the cousin brought along an empty luggage
except for difficulties when moving in crowded places, it brought a lot of convenience.
it was getting hotter and hotter, when the TCC called to say 我战败了
we seemed to all have underestimated Bangkok's power of making people spend lol
then we decided to not shop anymore and look for the yummy pork leg rice we had the previous trip
either we were looking the wrong direction or Chatuchak underwent some changes
we couldn't seem to locate it, and finally we decided to leave
it was around 2pm and people were coming in crowds, good thing we came early 

read from various bloggers about the Boat Noodles alley at Victoria Monument
dragging the luggage full of clothes and bags (the cousin bought 10 bags can you imagine, haha actually two of them were mine), we finally reached the BTS station
早知道那么远就不去了 因为都不好吃 T.T
I prefer Malaysia's version of boat noodles lol.

after the late lunch we decided it was time to go back to the hotel to unload our things, take a rest and also to exchange money again. YES OMG.
while the cousin stayed in the hotel, Mr Teoh and I went on the mission to exchange money and to explore. it was pretty much a makan non-stop mini trip lol
I am not a fan of chicken rice, but I found this good!
though I have forgotten by now whether it was the rice or the soup which impressed me

Mango sticky rice! the mango was picked on spot and sliced right in front of our eyes ooh that freshness

see I said non-stop eating.

Mr Teoh brought me on a boat trip

feels kinda good.

this is where we ended up, wherever it is haha

sat in the bus stop to finish the mango rice. nomz, the best I had throughout the whole trip. =D
and look! pink cabs yayyy.

we wandered around and found there was a tourist attraction. some temple but again I forgot the name
we didn't go up though cz I was in shorts and it felt kinda inappropriate.

and then it was time to leave. this was supposed to be a selfie in the boat showing the water behind lol

on the way back to the hotel from the pier, we managed to buy a bottle of beer, two bottles of collagen drinks, one dress and four handphone covers lol.
the cousin just woke up from her nap when we were back and we left for Terminal 21
we bought the BTS day pass so it was quite worth it
MOS Burger! =D. this round we tried green curry chicken and the cousin had wagyu beef burger
should also have gone for that, it was so nice!!

didn't take any photos of the toilets lol
but Mr Teoh burst out laughing when he saw these toys.
I don't even know what's wrong with him hahaaa
he laughed so much, he couldn't walk and couldn't talk

I think this Sesame Hokkaido Milk looks best without any human model hahaha

and then I had my DQ Nutella ice-cream, in this very very special waffle cone with sprinkles oooohh!
be jealous, ngehehe.

finally we left

but still wandered around Pratunam Night Market
and yesssss! we had our first foor massage for the trip
it felt so good, I think I fell asleep

sorry this is a very long post. haha
I'm almost done.

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