Thursday, December 29, 2011

apologies bloggie.

i'm feeling kind of sorry to my dear blog =(
you've been much neglected for the whole month of december
they are only 8 posts so far omg
this can't be true
but never mind, i told myself to at least reach 10 posts before 2012
so here is the 9th haha

i don't really know what made me so busy
but i just am too busy to even blog
padahal things are more happening especially for the last two weeks i think
am really in serious studying mood now
never been so hardworking before, not even during STPM (WOW!)
and it's the plethora of lovely food i had which keep me going (LOL JOKING)
but i did indulge myself so much i feel a bit guilty now hahaha.
and guess what?

which is a really great achievement for me

ok, that's all for now
please.. please..
please wait for my final post of the year!
=D byebye!

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