Thursday, August 6, 2015


and then August came.
I finally finished reading the book over the four uncomfortable flights and watched the movie.
every single time someone crashes into my plan to watch a movie alone, they either end up 1) crying buckets or 2) falling asleep. my mum and aunt felt it was sad for me to watch a movie alone, so they tagged along for Paper Towns, and they fell asleep. lol

I am not a review type of person, but the urge just came.
first of all, the movie went at quite a peaceful pace, no obvious hoohahs, which explains why my mum fell asleep.

but I did enjoy myself. and I like how they included the comeback of how hard it was for Ben to get a date for prom, like it was so hard that the hypothetical idea itself is being used to cut diamonds. Hahaha maybe I am just lame but I laughed so hard when I was reading, maybe I just didn't expect that. I love this kind of nerds. 

and I like Cara. and Q has the very Q aura I don't even know how to put it in words. you just feel it.

guess this isn't a review after all. haha.

but at this point of time, I can't help but find it really relatable.

Q is all for the get to college get a job get a wife and live happily ever after.
And you'll be happy? asked Margo.

it seems life does have to go on like that. whatever dreams you have, when they get to meet reality face to face, they burst like bubbles.

I hereby grudgingly accept that I am graduating in October, I am going to get a job, I will have to settle down and be responsible for my own life. 

"Time. to. be. an. adult."

and then one day I might or might not get married (**) , and then I might or might not have kids. and then I will have to work harder to provide for my kids. but this is still a faraway story for another day. 

although I do look forward to the day that I can be financially independent, and hopefully able to support my family, which would be a great achievement for me, is this it? there has to be something else right?

okay I have just lost myself again. how I wish I could just grab tickets and go wandering, I really wish to see the world. don;t we all wish we were Margo Roth Spiegelman?

no, not really. some prefer certainty. but uncertainty is also a certainty. lol. what am I talking about again? 

**actually, the probability of getting married is pretty high, haha**

I lack the courage to move out of my comfort zone.
I have been buzzfeeding on Harry Potter again. 
there was a sad post though, and it made me cry. NOOOOOOOOO

they said I am a Hufflepuff. okay. 


Tien Mie said...

i like ur writing :) you should pursue it.. mb creative writing?

mOmO said...

Aww tien you are so kind, I also like your writing alot! Any thoughts of pursuing it yourself ? :D

Tien Mie said...

haha.. ur writing is genuine & real, i can feel yr emotion :P hmm for me, dont think my writing can make it out thre.. but bloggin gives us an avenue to train our writing kan lolz

Ai Vee Chin said...

Hi Tien Mie and Melody! Guess who's here? Hahaha. I just randomly clicked into Mel's blog and discovered Tien Mie's and had a read up. Both ur writings are so heart-touching! I will visit often tho I don't blog! Haha. Just here to say hi!

And who am I??

I'm the ivee_myvee!!!