Monday, August 31, 2015

The 58th

For the first time ever, I took part in a peaceful demonstration, actually, the first time in any kind of demonstration. Unless being an onlooker during the Bangkok Shutdown counts, it opened my eyes to how peaceful a demonstration can be, so peaceful it actually became a carnival.

I had always thought these demonstrations pointless. Up until now, I would still remain this thought. It has been shouting at us in the face where the true problem lies, what change are we expecting if the root of the problem is planted so deep, so hard to eradicate. 

I won't say that I have been to Bersih 4.0, and am therefore glad for doing my part in the change we wish to see. My whole Facebook feed was flooded by yellow posts. I'm just glad I have taken the first step. 

I am grateful for Malaysia, tanah tumpah darahku. I am thankful to be born in a country of peace. I love my country, and I pray for a better tomorrow, for our generation, for generations to come.
Keranamu, negara Malaysia. Malaysia!

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