Saturday, August 22, 2015

The saddest short story, the shortest sad story

Saw this on Facebook
1. Hogwarts is closing down.
2. Dobby didn't make it.
3. She never came back.
4. I love you, but
5. Sorry, no more ice-cream
6. I failed my thesis
7. Then I woke up
8. I am always forgotten
9. Too tired, gave up
10. But you never called 
11. Well, we drifted apart 

Not that sad, how about you try? :)

I remember a Cecelia Ahern book "A Place Called Here" 
There's a place called 'here' where all the missing things go to
Someone went missing, and ended up 'here'. One day, he heard his own laugh.

Isn't it just really really sad? Whoever out there had forgotten his laugh. Ohmy ohmy.

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