Monday, February 22, 2016

Checking in

I kinda have settled down, and I am feeling better. It's a new journey, but it is not a stranger. It's like going back to UM, and doing practical once again.

Accommodation wise: 
Which is what I worried the second most (after whether I get to go home during the March holiday lol). I am now staying in the teacher quarters opposite the school. I have two 3 other housemates, one sharing a room with me. That's where the going back to UM came from. Going back to KK8 more like, she isn't a Chinese, but she is an interim teacher like me, who also got very last minute notice. Difference is, she wants to be a teacher, lol. Rental is cheap, we have a kitchen, spent the whole afternoon cleaning up our new place. The room is finally habitable.

The school is pretty big, with more than a hundred teachers, and they provide up to Form 6. The teachers are mostly friendly and helpful, the Chinese teachers are mostly foochow, the students are mostly Ibans. I guess that's where the real challenge lies. I sat in a class today, a girl asked for my guidance to complete her literature homework. I tried to explain to her, but my spoken BM is so bad, and they even communicate with some Bahasa Sarawak or Iban. How am I going to communicate properly with my students, what more to say teach them? 

What else, I went to the Sarikei town this afternoon in another interim teacher's car. It was roughly a 40minutes drive. That's how far I am from civilization lol. Yes we are that isolated. 

New challenge. Go Melody go!
I'll update again when I have more things to say. 

But overall, I am feeling a lot better. Missing home though, happy chap goh meh. 


Tien Mie said...

go Mel! hang in there :)

mOmO said...

Thank you tien tien! :)