Friday, February 26, 2016

I miss my orange hair

Whee! My TGIF after a long while. Actually not that whee, I'm quite bored. Came in at quite a strategic (or not) time, it's currently their sports week, lucky me was arranged to help with statistics instead of being under the hot sun. Next week and the week after next are the exam weeks, so naturally there won't be any teaching for us interims, and then here comes the midterm holiday!! 
I'm already counting down :D

The thing is that it is really boring here, the nearest town Bintangor is roughly 20minutes away by car, Sarikei and Sibu both around 40-45minutes! What's even more important is that we don't have a car. There's a very small TV with grainy resolution, and there's no wifi. I'm clinging on my remaining 1.4GB data for dear life until the renewal date lol. 

See I actually brought books here but I dare not start yet, maybe tomorrow. One for this week, one for next week, and then Kuching here I come again wheeee!

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