Sunday, March 13, 2016

now in Kuching!

1. Melody
2. ChinaHouse

hope you managed to catch what I was trying to do up there. so yay! By now I've spent more than 24 hours at home. Today was a whirlwind of shopping (for food, and food, and things for me to cook more food), and eating, and spending time with my yaoyao. I am tired, so tired that I feel weak, and don't you know what they say? Sleep is for the weak.

BUT! Just let me blog from my laptop for once, after such a long time. Even the laptop is feeling refreshed, being connected to WiFi once again. As I mentioned before I actually have a lot to talk about the students, but I am so fed up with everything related to that school, and the thoughts that I have penned down during those moments of frustration are being left lying in my diary back in my bigass wardrobe in Meradong which has less than 10 sets of clothes. Therefore, here comes some crap. CHINAHOUSE IS NOW IN KUCHING AS WELL! Wheeee

those in the background are boxes used to store Chinese herbs, I wonder how long it took them to start up and collect all these vintage trinkets.

Identify the characteristics of a typical Instagram coffee-hop photo:
1. Daniel Wellington watch.
2. iPhone, preferably iPhone 5s and above.
3. Fancy cakes, and probably coffee with latte art.
Basically the whole photo is shouting attention seeking instagrammer. So I didn't upload this one lol. 

so we ordered the Tiramisu with alcohol, and another chocolate based cake, named Chocoholic.

"I hate the school" the Tiramisu is not as yummy as the one in Penang. Maybe because the first cut is always the deepest.

here I was, ChinaHouse, and Kuching.
I would definitely go again, there are SOOOO many cakes.

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