Monday, March 28, 2016

This Monday not too blue

Staff meeting was cancelled last Thursday so happy me went home after class for the Easter break. Time at home i.e. happy time always seems to fly by. I'm back here again in my personal hell after a 6 hour journey yesterday. 

1. It's not that hellish anymore. Just gotta suck it up and live with it. I constantly remind myself how lucky I am to have a) a job, with the (partial) perks of a civil servant b) companions who feel equally reluctant about going to school each and every morning c) and those who also have not yet started doing their lesson plans hahaha.

2. Plus, not so happy days do also fly by. It's been more than a month. Within this month, I've gone home thrice, upgraded my data plan to 7GB, witnessed the going of the washing machine back to its owner, except I didn't actually witness it, they brought it away when I was home. Need to buy hand cream now, with writing on blackboard and handwashing added to my list of almost daily chores. 

Brought an avocado from home, woke up at 6, then 7, did my laundry, then made breakfast. BUT the avocado was too raw and it tasted bitter, so bitter that I wonder if it was set out with the mission to ruin my day. Stupid avocado. At least it was quite photogenic. Okay, forgiven.

Have a great day ahead while I wallow in my own sadness lol not really. I'm gonna finish watching The Originals and maybe grab a book, OR start doing lesson plans. 
And yeah, you'll probably see another photo similar to this appearing in my Instagram soon enough. Can't afford to look through each and every photo like I usually did but at least I can afford the luxury of uploading photos okay melody just stop you're getting long-winded 

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