Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Prank of the year

As I am typing this post, yours sincerely is sitting in a car, heading back to Kuching.

*UPDATE: now typing from home*

So yesterday morning, I reluctantly woke up, reluctantly prepared myself, reluctantly made myself my oat breakfast, reluctantly put on my baju kurung, and even more reluctantly went to the school. Punched in and we sat outside the office, waiting for someone to assign us some idiotic task, but it was decided we go back to the quarters at 8:30am if there was nothing to do.

As we walked into the office, one of the staff called us over and said: 
"Hari tu tak bagitau ke? You orang boleh cuti sudah. Jumaat nak bagitau tapi tak jumpa kamu," 

I know I should had been overwhelmed by happiness, but my first reaction was what the hell. Really? What's the purpose of a telephone? I couldn't help but feel mad at the ridiculousness of the whole situation. Did they think that we stay just next door? Is this their sick sense of humour? I was lucky enough to have my parents send me in as dad's working car is being sent to repair, another interim stays in Sarikei, near enough, but my roommate is from Miri. She took a bus from Miri the day before, mind you, it's about 10 hours, and RM60 per trip. Dahlah masih tak bagi gaji. *roll eyes till Pluto* 

Now where's the camera? 

Then, we went back to the quarters, packed and left for Kuching again. 

We kept telling ourselves there must be some silver lining behind this, so
  1. The owner of the unit left her iron on, since Friday. Thank God I brought my roommate's bed over because parents were putting down in our room (I share a big master room with my roommate, the unit owner has moved out, so her room is empty). I cannot imagine if the iron was left on for the whole week. (SO SILVER RIGHT THIS LINING?)
  2. I bought 2 bars of chocolate which were on sale, planning to bring them there, where I need as much artificial happiness as I can (not really exaggerating lol). BUT! Mummy left them in the fridge, so when I was unpacking, you can imagine how disappointed I was. Now that I get to go home again, I can bring the chocolates again! WHEEEE (ALSO QUITE SILVER!!)
  3. Road trip with parents YAYYY. Also, food hunt in Sarikei, Sibu and Sri Aman.
Tomyam Big Prawn Noodles @ Glory Cafe, Sarikei, RM27
there were about 5 big prawns inside, all very fresh, and the tomyam soup was yummy!

Coconut Pudding @ Glory Cafe, RM7.50
A little pricey in my opinion, but it was so so good! I think I can finish one on my own.

Famous Satay Mee @ Sri Aman, RM I FORGOT haha
Daddy had this about 20-30 years ago when he went to work in Sri Aman, and couldn't forget the taste up until today. Some time ago, people started posting about it again on Facebook, and daddy had been wanting to try. Unfortunately, the original owner of the business is off on Mondays, so this was a bad replica of the original satay mee, which daddy had been missing all these years, lol. I am pretty sure we (or at least daddy and mummy) would be back again for it now that they have found the place. 

I have papers of 3 classes to mark. I am too lazy to start. Err. Happy holiday wheeee!


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WTF HOW CAN THEY BE LIKE TAT =_______= Before holiday still say so loud ask you all come back wtff

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