Monday, September 10, 2012


hello from my new room
i am halfway settled down

dinner last night with wo si nian de ren. lol lol.

in case you were wondering, why halfway settled down only.. 
1/3 of my stuff

2/3 of my stuff

yes. too much that i dunno how to start unpacking. holy crap.
i feel like couriering them back home haha.

and there's no lock for my wardrobe, until the maintenance comes, and i dunno when will that be.

and my table, is falling down. hahaha.

besides, i tried 3 different keys yesterday, none of them work well with the lock on my door.

unrelated photo, just wanted to show off my nails lol

yesterday really wasn't my day. flight delayed from 1155 to 1340.
bad key, bad table, no lock.
best thing is that the junior cleaned my part of the room already lol.

so anyway, tada, finally got a good key. haha

oh. and the internet here is no longer good like in A306 T.T

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