Thursday, September 13, 2012

kuching foooooooood

i don't look like me. how to define looking like me? no idea. hahaha
so technically, i can't say i don't look like me, nor can i say i look like me
no point. == lol

so some few days ago back in Kuching, oh it feels like forever already @@
i finally wore this pair of super cute heels of mine but found out they hurt my feet T.T
i won't be deceived by looks again. they looked so innocent. KANASAI haha

posting up some food i had so that i can organize my library which is super messy now. 
free breakfast one fine morning in Gourmet Sausage again. XD

added on peanut butter jelly toast and pancake.
their toast was so nice, crispy at the outside and soft inside
and the pancake was nice despite being super thick!

i forgot the name of this set haha

and Miss Kero said i must taste this Teochew porridge so these were the dishes which we picked
and obviously i wasn't the one who chose the kiam hu.
the feeling of suddenly biting a chunk of salted fish is beyond acceptable T.T

roti cheese chocolate =DDD *sparkly eyes*

Porridge with ham and century egg

Lo Mai Kai. i think it was just normal if not how come i have no memory of it haha

photos lie, they were so small..


and i dunno the name but it sure was nice. hehehe.

oh i'm trying hard to slim down. haha
oh i've been saying that for long. T.T

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