Tuesday, September 18, 2012

rushing off to choir so this will be short oh yes i am back to choir again hahaha meiyou zhi qi. kns.

yo i was scanning through my library and found out there were photos that i left out
last laksa until January =(. and ooh haha my Breaking Dawn.

actually the main point of today is this place called Basaga
mum said it was an advance celebration for my birthday lollol

daddy mummy's Strawberry smoothies =)

me and froggie's Earl Grey

the said to be yummy Oglio Oglio, no idea why not Aglio Oglio.
not bad la, heehee, but a bit too salty for my liking..

Froggie's black fish fillet or something like that, but where is the black haha

Mummy's Spanish omelette.

Daddy's Thai Fried rice.

so overall the food was okay. nothing very special but the surrounding was really pretty.
so i guess that makes up for it. XDD

and lastly, vegetarian malak mian =DD

okay i should go haha byebye.
ooh and i've tidied up my work space like finally. haha

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