Sunday, September 23, 2012

i just can't get enough of this. *CROAKKKK*


HELLO FROGGIE! It's your big day. HA! Now we are the same age -- 16!! Congratulations. although i really don't know what is so good about getting older. hahaha. cut all the sweet 16 crap, as long as i'm not in Kuching, your life will never be sweet hahahahha. sorry. lol. SO! i get that you saw my gift, glad you like it, but if you don't wear it, you can be sure i'll ahem, force you to wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY, i was joking ==. lai, come back come back. that skirt was just a complement to this very very precious blog post specially dedicated for you. HAHA. here you go. you know you haven't been the best of you recently. you know your attitude is not that right recently. and you know we are not so happy about it. so why do you have to wait for us to point it out until everyone gets so frustrated about that? although the clock shows 2:50AM now, (I was never the best example for you i know that HAHA), you know that you should sleep early. your manga is always there, it wouldn't run away when you are sleeping. and of all the time you have, WHY pick your exam week to watch whatever anime or manga? they can all wait. of course i'm not saying you must study the whole day until exam is over, i know that's not possible even if i pointed a gun at your head. but you really have to learn to set priorities my dear sister. you know i know and we all know that you are clever, but pride comes before the fall. you've a slight taste of that fall already, i don't know how you feel, but let me tell you how we feel. we never thought of you being the top of the class or genius, but we know you can do so much better. if you don't care, then don't come lamenting about being unable to do the test, because you didn't give your best. mummy is getting older, she tends to forget things, she isn't as fast as us in learning all the technical stuff. PLEASE be patient, it's also part of growing up. you know how impatient you can get. spend more time with dad and mum, not with the computer!! and Abbie Lazy, you should really change the Lazy to maybe Lovely haha or at least Abbie Froggie. because the word lazy is rubbing more and more onto you. don't always sit down for goodness sake. it just makes you super unhealthy, and speaking of health. you are big enough to know you should drink water. don't try to deny that. i've seen you going on without water for almost a whole day for at least 3 times. you hate pimples? then do something. crap i have so much to say ==. you love scouting, you love camping, so when you come back from camps feeling tired, don't treat everyone like they owe you a hundred thousand USD, don't feel like the whole world has to pity you. no one forced you to go, if you wish to go without feeling tired or sore, it's like swimming without wanting to get wet. either you don't swim, or you deal with the wetness. OK this is getting too long. you might be cursing me deep inside hahaha actually no i know you won't. (I HOPE lol).
i love you, and i wish the best for you. i want you to become a cheerful and lovable girl, not only to your friends but everyone. you are definitely capable of that. hope you enjoy your day, and also all the days to come. HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY LOVELIEST SISTER (loveliest because i only have one hahaha). GOD'S PEACE AND BLESSING BE WITH YOU. XOXO.


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