Friday, September 21, 2012

hehe i can't think of a nice title so might as well tell you what i have been doing today. i literally slept the whole day away, waking up a few times in the middle just to do some very trivial things and also to get pissed off at my laptop which is worsening by day.

so hi!! we left the chaos back in UM again the last weekend.
oh weiqi can't stop feeling funny for my fringe because i look a lot younger as she said hahahaha *shuang*

first meal upon reaching. yay i think i can love kueh tiao already XD
why is the kueh tiao in Kuching so big?

dinner was fish head yam steamboat? something like that XD

this device is to blow air for the charcoal to burn. quite cool or maybe i never see nia haha

aiya i really don't love to write captions. brunch the next day.

soft soft tofu heehee

new member in zhangqijian's car, which faced me all the time yay so cute!
still got the ring ring bell sound ahahahah

went over to Penang by ferry. they look like they're in a theme park ride haha

it's time my red shoes get some rest
i've been using too much blue recently. WHY ARR.

scenery from the ferry which zhangqijian took =D
i like this although it is out of focus. 朦胧美ma. haha

Soya ice cream in Gurney =D. nice but so rich
and i instantly knew all my dieting efforts are going to be washed down into the drain =(

i forgot the name haha. but the potato was really yummy.
i love potatoes!

and in beautiful Gurney Paragon. 

kiam pak face. lol

the sky was so blue and so beautiful!

hi moo cow =D long time no see heeheehee
but hor, FOL, the old card can't be used anymore
which means we are unable to claim anything since we never finished collecting the stamps T.T

but according to mr teoh i didn't display the right amount of enthusiasm haha

and we bought a One Piece puzzle! XD.

Oinky looking so afraid =( hahaha

and very late breakfast before going back to KL again.

ngehe miss keroro was haolian-ing about their dimsum breakfast the day before.

brought mooncake haha

and Dunkin' Donuts!!! big apple big apple big apple WINS
so KERORO you are not missing out anything la haha

and ooh, he accompanied us on the journey back. =D
he's coming this month!!! I WANT GO SEE XDD

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