Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's July!

This morning when I was taking my shower, I suddenly recalled a friend telling me about her lecturer offering her to do her masters in the UK.
And she actually said she doesn't want to go, not because she is sick of studying but because she can't bear leaving her boyfriend alone in Malaysia, and her boyfriend doesn't wish her to go as well.
Maybe all the readings in literature classes instilled a bit of feminism in me, or maybe I just am not like that, but what kind of thinking is that? It's 20 freaking 14.
How could anyone in their right mind turn down such a wonderful opportunity for the sake of a boyfriend!?
I would have jumped and grab at the chance. Hahaha, why am I never that lucky?
And, why is there still this thought as if the final goal of a woman's life is to settle down and get married?
So you go through all form of education and phases of life.. just to marry a guy and live happily ever after? Forgive me for finding this thought ridiculous. No dreams one meh?
I cannot I cannot I cannot.

Haha, none of my business anyway.

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