Tuesday, July 22, 2014

more than halfway through practical

so in between all the grumbling and struggling to stay alive
we've somehow reached week 6 of the practical

what do I feel?
I don't know, used to waking up early
getting used to having to teach
getting used to the dreaded Sunday night blue, Monday blue and Wednesday blue
no, not really, no one actually gets used to these
growing to like my students more each day *NOOOOOO*

yesterday I was wondering if they would feel sad when I leave
or would they feel nothing at all
and just this morning
I brought a guitar to class
and shocked a few of them, because they thought it's my last day
and I went a little awwww inside
heh, but the guitar plan kinda failed
cz no one actually listens to Leaving on a Jet Plane, hahaha

DEAR CHILDREN, it's also not a song of my time
I'm as young as you for goodness sake. lol.

I don't know how we managed to survive this far
but somehow, we found solace in cooking and also in food.

don't make wild assumptions
I DID NOT GAIN WEIGHT, thank you. =D

I have been really, really healthy.
you no longer see me online at 2a.m lol
and yes, I have been eating so much fruits it makes me so happy

and we also worked out a way to make every Monday less horrible:
to plan for something happy every week

so far we have gone singing, gone for steamboat, cooked spaghetti, made pancakes
and we have like two trips to look forward to after Raya. hahaha
yeap, so for this week it'll definitely be the raya break.
the best thing about being a teacher is definitely the amount of holidays heeehee

somehow I also revisited a lot of memories
this school really does feel alot like my old school
but I personally think we have better netball players. hehehe
taken during an interactive match with players from UK
the girls were adorableeeeee, but gosh, they play like tigers

oh, ya, apart from food
we also found comfort in taking beautiful food photos.
if you haven't already realized, we use all our resources just for photos
like in this case, mahjong paper, and sweater. hahaha

good results deserve celebrations.
this was a day before a holiday and after I checked my results.
for the first ever time, I got an A- for English Proficiency
finally, after SO MANY semesters of feeling lousy...
I love you Miss Kiran!

okay. back to staring at walls.
I can't wait for holidays to start!

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