Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sundays with Melody

So I have been reading
On Sundays which I have grown to love so much
I never expected myself to really have the mood to read
But the joy seems to have come back
Or maybe I just happen to come across really good books

My second book from Paulo Coelho
I cannot explain how but it made me search within myself
For who I am in this world
To live in harmony with my life and myself
To embrace everything that happens
To embrace my flaws, my imperfections (which is a lot, haha)
To not lose myself in my pursuit of.. I dunno, dreams, love, purpose?

And Morrie
You have to read it to feel it
"Have you ever really had a teacher? One who saw you as a raw but precious thing, a jewel that, with wisdom, could be polished to a proud shine?"
Life could be so very meaningful
If the best you could give is your unfazed attention to another person, it is already more than enough
I want to be a better person
"And if you want to cry a little, it's okay."

So I cried a little, and laughed quite a bit.
Do you also do that while reading?

I can't wait for next Sunday to come.

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