Thursday, July 3, 2014

KK8 Geniuses Yolo Trip Part 1

we have been sharing and tagging each other in Facebook posts about all the places we want to go
finally, considering the very limited time we have, we settled for Malacca, very un-yolo. haha
breakfast was dimsum in SS2, new waiter =)

and hence our journey started
I have repeatedly mention about how much I love fluffy clouds and blue sky

we went in two cars, the champion car (us!) who reached first had our coconut shake first, of course! =D
it was so much yummier than the first time we went there, so yummy I had two cups ngehehe

and all this while, he never stopped sleeping, so wild, so wild.

when the tortoises finally reached Klebang.
as you can see, we have the MONOPOD.
haha, if you want to successfully grab the attention of the crowd, try extending your monopod
works like magic.

checked in our hotel at A Famosa
quite a stupid decision because it took us almost an hour of travel time to Malacca town

we are young we are happy

all the wonderful people, with some others missing

taken using Huiwen's camera, how nice =D

leaving A Famosa for DINNARRRRR
see, one of the wonderful things you can do with a monopod and a fisheye lens
selfie/groupie in two different cars! hahaha

planned to rush to satay celup but the queue was so intimidating
and the traffic jam near Jonker street was crazy
so we parked in front of Nadeje
and let's all eat cakes.


Jonker street! with an orange photobomb
why, xiaomeimei, why you photobomb us?

feeling like a kid again, but the ones I had as a child had only grapes.

mango, durian and normal cendol.
tried the durian one and realized it really isn't my thing.

I seem to have deleted some of my photos, because there is definitely so much more we ate!

and what is a yolo trip if you don't walk past a friends shop and shout so loud that he comes down just to say hi, and also.. teach you how to walk back to your car which is apparently quite far away. haha

and we finally left the town for A Famosa.
back to the boring task of planning interesting, fun, and engaging lessons. haha
what a paradox. byeybe T.T

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