Wednesday, July 9, 2014

KK8 Geniuses Yolo Trip Day 2

hahaha. let me finish this unfinished business
but I am so lazy, so pardon the jumbled up sequence XD
the day before we were all so excited to wake up early and shoot an MV by the pool
sounds quite YOLO for such an un-yolo trip

but sleep prevails and never ever fails. lol.

at least we did something substantial =D

before I got really really tanned by the scorching Melaka sun

haha I know there is only one sun.

went through quite a lot of trouble to get to a nyonya restaurant for lunch
because we took our sweet time to wake up
and not to forget the long travel time from A Famosa to Melaka town T.T
major fail for our planning =X

some retarded friend of mine

like I said, this is a jumbled up post.

GO HOLLAND! *supportive gf* hahaha

group photo with the geniuses

and look what we came across!

and a suspicious looking uncle

hi you.

don't you just love how blue the sky is?
I could stare at the blue sky for hours
until I fall asleep
and then stare at the starry night again, for hours.
until I fall asleep, again. haha

Monofisheye at Capitol. =)

不是说好跟车拍照? 车勒? hahaha

I'm running out of caption/description
so I hope you enjoyed scrolling through our quite narcissistic photos lol

and now I suddenly miss swimming

it's a happy day because 4-period Wednesday is over!
which means two more days to my favourite weekend! =D

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