Sunday, November 7, 2010

the best phone ever!

i am having the best phone ever!
trust me you'll never find a phone as good as mine!
did i change my phone?
then why i say it is the best phone ever?
it is not any smart phone or whatever fruity phone hehehaha
fine just cut the crap!
i found out something very cool about my phone!!!
my earphone can actually split out the vocal part and the music part of a song
no play play wei!
you see, i was listening to songs
and i feel uncomfortable when i poke both sides of the earphone into my ears
so i usually change the ear in which i poke the earphone in
so i was listening to a song
and here comes the funny and cool thing
it was like i was in kbox you know?
because there was only music no song
no vocal no voice
just music!
but when i poked in the other side, there was song again
so i decided to try this on other songs since it was so cool
but by time i pressed next, it returned to normal again =(
yi chang huan xi yi chang kong ah T.T


- CόϋИţΕSş вέιιă ツ said...

hey! my k800i is as cool as yours too!! xDD

Anonymous said...

kanasai fone lor haha