Saturday, November 20, 2010

陆地上的鸳鸯-旱鸭子 LOL

do you know what are these?
they are yuan yang 鸳鸯
let me tell you a story about them. i was having lunch yesterday with my mum and ibeho xiao jie. beside me there was a pot of plant and obviously these yuan yang were sat in the pot. i saw them and i said eee 旱鸭子. then ibeho xiao jie said walao 那个是鸳鸯啦. and my mum looked at me unbelievably like i just said i am an alien. i really didn't know. T.T. i tot yuan yang was just a name people used to describe whatever bla bla. manatau. T.T. but don't ducks look like that also? and ibeho xiao jie said the next time i get married i will tell the shopkeeper i wan to buy 旱鸭子. LAUGH LA!!!! T.T hahahahhaha i also think very funny @@

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