Wednesday, November 3, 2010

black and pink = blink?

greetings to all. HELLO!

have a look at this!
another production of mine =D
this is the same bag as what i d.i.y-ed before.
it looked like this
i got improve o not?
i think i got
because i love die this bag although i dunno when will i get to use it hahahaha hehehehe
but wait, what did i do to it?
the pocket comes from the black shirt's sleeve
and I sewed the pocket right onto the bag with the yarn I TELL YOU IT IS DANG DIFFICULT
and hahaha saw the cover for the pocket?
i got them from my spoiled socks!
lol don't say eew yet, the socks are clean of course and due to the low quality i only wore them a few times then they got hole liao la lol lol
finally, show you where the big black ribbon come from.
yes. it is a pair of leggings which i wore less than five times
hahahha don't ask me why
not my choice i don't like
so why not use it in a good way hahahaha
i will be back for something cooler than this
wait oh! hahaha

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