Thursday, November 25, 2010

my romper!

it seems like i haven been blogging properly for long. bopien, stpm student bo, hahaha =X.
before crapping, let me just complain again, i did not do well again today. =(.
the questions were average i think, not as hard as i thought they will be
and i read the correct topics, yea right, almost all the topics i focused came out
BUT!!!! i did not familiarize myself with the concept. argh! =(.
okay enough bla, since my next paper is on Wednesday i guess i can have some time to blog (wah i talk like the rest of the time i study lidat T.T)
i din. because i took photo yesterday morning and gamed for quite awhile when I SHOULD BE STUDYING FOR BLOODY PHYSICS. T.T

bought this romper from MLfashion house hahaha
weird right mama?
wo he ta mei you yuan ahhh T.T
hahaha yes i played makeup again ==
tried to make it look better by wearing a shirt outside
but i guess
i failed. XDDDDDD
self timer wei. hahaha
last picture before i decided to stop!
did you notice this time i used the camera instead of my phone?!!
finally it is in use again
but i want a new camera!
the one now is almost spoiled.
i want nice nice de!
dunno if i am able to persuade mum into buying one.
wish wish wish =P

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