Monday, November 15, 2010


it's officially the last day i am in smk st lasap
leaving the school today, i had mixed feelings
i felt sad and happy at the same time
no no don't get me wrong
i wouldn't miss that school
it's just that the next time i step into the school
it's the time i face the much dreaded stpm
yet i am still not in the study mood
yes i am serious


another song to introduce
i first heard it when i was watching kangxi
knew this guy from xing guang
of course not knowing him as a friend but just as who he is hahahaha like u dunno lidat @@
it was the preview and we just heard a small part
then my sister and i remained silent for a few seconds
then we looked at one another
and whoooo-ed at the same time
dang nice de!!

must listen!

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