Tuesday, November 9, 2010

of aliens..

i believe in aliens
i believe they exist
i wish i could meet them one day
i also like to say that i am an alien when i get too bored
"my spaceship is broken"
"in my planet we don't have to talk"
yes. these are my favourite quotes
i even have an alien passport/ic
well it is actually a pokemon card lar.

hehe, and this is the photo
cute right?
it looks like a spoon

last night when watching tv then i learned that Rosewell incident is real
years back when i was reading rosewell high or something lidat i thought it was just made up stories
to think that i was so silly LOL

and guess what lol lol
hongki believes in aliens also
don't believe me?
see this video!!
ok ok fine.
it's just in the mv nia ma
but, at least it made me happy for a few minutes ma

first: i don't really like yao yao
but i find this song cute
and i think
she thinks she is a Martian

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