Tuesday, November 23, 2010


i am terribly disappointed with myself
i did badly and i seriously mean badly in my pa paper today
i know that, i knew it the second i started writing!!!
all my ideas were jumbled up and my mind was like a big mess
or a lot of wires tangled together
i got so disorganized my points were jumping here and there
i guess i forgot to bring my brain out
it slowly came back while i kept on writing but it was too late!!!
i was just lucky enough to be able to finish in time
i guess i was wrong for only reading the essays
i think i should start thinking in bm now, like now
tapi buat apa? lepas tulis karangan hari ini saya hanya perlu lihat bm satu kali lagi LOL
memang membazirkan masa saya
fjdsij giojifgrsifjisdjifjsdijfsjigjrijgijsigjsdifj
enough crap.
time to sleep =((

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